Company Profile

Go4Nordic has since 2005 engaged in the development, manufacturing and distribution of products with chemical technology.

We have established ourselves as a company specializing in liquids, in various technologies such as :

  - Intelligent Fluids
  - Nano Technology
  - Carbon Dioxide Technology ( Aerosols - see : )

Go4Nordic is both financially and economically independent. We realize our success is through a combination of external chemical functional capabilities and skills, as well as an internal commercial development of sales and marketing.

Our Lean corporate structure with few employees enables both attractive rates and flexible response to new requirements. We support our products through all phases of the trade and understand and respect the specific tasks and questions.

Our research department is continuously working on new products and improvements in both product quality and on issues of environment and health.

However, we can not do magic. Therefore, our claims formulated extremely conservative. All products are tried and tested before they reach the market.

Our range is constantly expanding. We are able to bring special formulations for custom applications on the way. Our clients are thus assured products with unique properties.